Fang Cheng teaches the second employee parent-child activity - "big hands hold s

Fang Cheng teaches the second employee parent-child activity - "big hands hold small hands, you and I witnessed"

Childhood, only when it appears in memories, does that perfection. On July 21, 2018, Fang Chengs teaching of the second employee parent-child activity with the

 theme of big hand holding small hand, you and I witnessed was successfully completed!

At the beginning of the event, the host will give an opening speech, welcome parents and children to participate in the event, and explain the purpose and significance 

of the event. In the activity, the link is divided into 8: wisdom answer, English question and answer, parent-child painting, fill in love cards and outdoor activities (wild, 

fishing shrimp / fish, catching mud, CS). Not only develop children's thinking ability, but also children understand the principle of survival and the importance of the team. 

Parent-child games not only close the parent-child relationship, but also let the parents understand the child's thinking ability and physical development. The children have 

harvested their success, and the parents have gained their childlike interest; now this parent-child activity is summarized:

Whether it is "children" or "big friends", all of them are lively, confident and motivated, and they are very good at bringing the enthusiasm of parents and children

 to the highest point. Indoor activities: The Smart Answer game allows children to answer questions confidently. Parent-child painting allows children to feel the use 

of teaching products at zero distance, and fill in the love card to express the words they want to say to their parents. Outdoor activities: Shrimp fishing "Fish, catching 

the muddy" let the children feel the joy of childhood. "The wild donkey" allows the children to get close to nature and experience the fun of the farm life. "CS" let the 

children fight for victory together, the children who triumphantly cheer, the children who have failed Not discouraged, encourage each other, the parent-child game scene

 is very lively.

Third, the event was carefully prepared by Fangcheng's teaching staff in advance, and the activity was carried out very smoothly, and was well received by the children.

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